The End of Arrogance

by admin on October 25, 2013

Dear Subscriber:

We are pleased to offer you this special first look at a new book from the publishers of Without Borders, Global Speculations and World Resource and Scarcity News.

“The End of Arrogance” … a year in the making, traces media tendencies throughout the arc of human evolution in order to show that the understanding of cultural promotions is necessary to investment success.

Along the way, the narrative points out the extraordinary concentration of industrial and media power at the top and how that power is being directed. The internationalist trends of the world today are driven by media tendencies that push people to surrender power and wealth to a variety of specially created globalist facilities.

People can increase their wealth, their family’s safety and their community’s welfare by better understanding what is being aimed at them. Learn to distinguish between a promotional element – an alarmist resource scarcity – and real industrial and sociopolitical crises that are not subject to elite monetary influences.

We will shortly be releasing a special double issue building on the insights in “The End of Arrogance,” and hope you enjoy both the book and upcoming newsletter. Because of the massive monetary stimulation now being applied  to the stock market, valuations likely will continue to go up, along with increased volatility. There’s never been a more exciting or risky time to be an investor. We look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of success with you in this promising era.


Sincerely, The Editors

CLICK HERE for the first two chapters of the book and for a link to download the entire book as a PDF.

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Media Deals Hint At Skyrocketing Value

by admin on August 20, 2013

Dear Subscriber: We are delighted to offer you free issues of Resource Tendencies, a new newsletter we are making available for a limited time. Enjoy your July issue of Without Borders and CLICK HERE to read your free issue of RESOURCE TENDENCIES REPORT, a US$149 value we are offering to you free of charge. Much as Without Borders informs you of securities opportunities around the world, so Resource Tendencies provides you insight into commodities and other “hard” investments of note. It tracks investment indicators in major media to show you what’s hot and what’s not. Remember, “the trend is your friend.” To see the Resource Tendencies website, CLICK HERE. Enjoy!


Welcome Letter

We’re pleased to bring you this August issue of Without Borders on a subject we can almost guarantee you won’t read anywhere else. In part, this is because the company in question is still private. However, its owner is itching to go public and when it does, as soon as it does … watch out. It’s already one of the biggest companies in the world of its type and has an almost unlimited pocketbook and could slice through the US like a deluxe Veg-O-Matic.

We won’t give you any other clues; you’ll have to read the issue. But we figure you’ll enjoy the tour, as it deals with subject matter that most people are inclined to be negative about. We’re offering a contrarian analysis, in fact, which is one of our favorite things … and perhaps yours too. Why come to an international investment publication after all to receive the same views and news available via the financial porn of the alphabet soup media, including MSNBC, CNN, etc?

Yes, in this case, we’re investigating a sector that is dead, dead, dead – and yet not really! We don’t think so anyway. There’s lot of life in this most powerful and important part of the market … as you’ll see below. Some more clues? Well, the area we’re examining in this issue is worldwide, but the opportunities are not so much geographical as focused on share-of-mind. And the sector has been much in the news of late, but the writers and even the analysts have probably missed the main point.

If there was any one sector to avoid, this one would probably be it, and yet we find a lot of reasons to recommend it. Of course, we are talking about the “long haul” not the short one. In the short term, in fact, we’d recommend that you take a look at ALL your positions, including ones we’ve recommended, based on the possibility of a severe market downturn as we head into the fall.

October especially can be a cruel market-mistress, and right now analysts are pointing out that the market is overbought compared to earnings. Additionally, fund managers like to take profits in the fall to dress up performance for the year. As a result, a lot of selling pressure can be brought to bear on stock markets, especially in the United States. It doesn’t help that the Federal Reserve has continued to print money at an ungodly pace thanks to quantitative easing, etc.

Bottom line: As we head into the fall, take a good look at the portfolio we’ve provided to you (you’ll find it in this queue) and if you’ve been invested take your profits where you can. Soon, we’ll be starting a new year, and with it we’ll want to create a new portfolio that can weather the storms yet to come. However, if you have a long time-horizon, our recent recommendations become a good deal more feasible.

Want to know this month’s? Read on …

Yours in exploration …

If you would like to read the reset of this months edition, please CLICK HERE.

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August 1, 2013

Dear Subscriber: We are delighted to offer you free issues of Resource Tendencies, a new newsletter we are making available for a limited time. Enjoy your July issue of Without Borders and CLICK HERE to read your free issue of RESOURCE TENDENCIES REPORT, a US$149 value we are offering to you free of charge. Much […]

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Predictions for the Second Half of 2013 and Beyond: Tendencies Observed or Projected

August 1, 2013

The World Economy, Commodities, Gold, Stocks The World Economy will continue to shake, commodity prices will be choppy along with the price of gold and stocks may move higher – or not. Price inflation will be a factor, increasingly, and thus this White Paper will deal in large part with responses to inflation from both […]

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Angry Bubbles in Latin America

April 2, 2013

Special February-March White Paper for subscribers only: “Angry Bubbles in Latin America” Here is an excerpt: This is a special White Paper on South America with a focus on precious metals. But let us first make a detour to Cyprus and the recent economic events there. Just recently, the leader of Britain’s increasingly successful UKIP, […]

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World On The Brink

January 25, 2013

Welcome Letter Welcome back and a belated happy winter solstice.  We are publishing a bit later than normal partly because of my travels away from modern communications and partly because we were waiting to see the results of the Japanese elections.  If you are reading this, the Mayan prophesy failed to materialize. Congratulations on surviving […]

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Seven Trends To Watch In 2013

January 10, 2013

Brand New White Paper for Subscribers Only: “Seven Trends To Watch In 2013″   Here is an excerpt: What do we see in 2013?  … Considerable, ongoing globalization and tensions resulting from that consolidation. In this subscriber-only White Paper, we will examine the economic future from the perspective of King Dollar’s impact on the rest […]

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Portfolio Review

November 5, 2012

Welcome Letter Welcome back.  I’m writing you from the bar at the National Club in Toronto.  I’ve become rather friendly with the Scottish barman here who is a lovely chap and a bit of a drunk. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the whiskey of his homeland and a rather poor understanding of basic arithmetic.  […]

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Elegant Feed in the Belly of the Brussels Beast

October 30, 2012

Welcome Letter This month I am writing you from Canada where I am meeting with a savvy group of investors that are putting together the first freehold property development in Cuba since the revolution.  The founders are from the UK and have been successfully operating in Cuba for decades. I’m off to Cuba shortly to […]

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China: Unassisted Regime Change

August 20, 2012

As I sit down to write this month’s missive I am filled with a sense of loss.  I´m perched on a rather uncomfortable modern chair tucked away in a windowless corner of what was once my favorite hotel in the world.  Not long ago the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong was personification of understated elegance.  I […]

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